We work with people who are passionate about helping, overcoming challenges and shaping the future.

No matter where you come from, we welcome everyone. Our culture is rich in diversity and inclusion, we are truly centered on the unique perspective and needs of each human being.

We act fast and always seek innovation in every detail. Our vision of the future is optimistic and we work together to awaken the collective genius. We want you to live your best and grow exponentially with us.

We know that to transform the world, change starts with empathy, mistakes and continuous learning, in addition to a huge desire to think differently, break barriers and dream big. It is an empirical process.

Our look at the Labers growth and career follows one of Silicon Valley's main mantras: "The path to success is to double your failure rate" or simply - "Fail fast, learn faster".

Join Lab and build with us the future and a more just, inclusive and sustainable society.

We work with people who are passionate about helping, overcoming challenges and shaping the future.

We support each other and change the world together.

We want to reinvent the world through technology and the way we take care of each other is essential.

We work with inspiring people who are focused on solving some of society's most important problems.

At Lab, improving people's lives starts from within - in our attitude, relationship with work and social impact.

We live our culture in every detail.

Our culture is about caring for people, unlocking the growth potential that exists in each individual and shaping the future.

We conduct regular surveys with our employees and share this data to encourage transparency in our actions and relationships.

At Lab, we believe we can change the world when we support each other.


They feel that Laborit makes a positive contribution to their careers and feel satisfied at work.

Research and data collected in Dec 2021.


They say people care about each other in our culture.

Research and data collected in Dec 2021.


Laborit pass average on Glassdoor.


Laborit's recommendation index on Glassdoor.

Diversity, equity and inclusion.

At Lab, the diversity of ethnicities, genders and sexual orientation are essential to our culture.

We create a global community made up of Labers and volunteers who lead groups that seek to empower people and promote learning.

More than a job - we want to create a positive impact and deconstruct patterns.

Arthur Piccolo, Laborit's CPO, during the event.
Labs during the Laborit event. From left to right: Jackson Passos, Camila Tavares and Ulisses Ribeiro
Telma Correa, Co-founder and CEO of Laborit
Labers gathered during Lab Summit 2021
Labers gathered during Laborit event. From left to right: Rhaysa Ferreira (Growth Marketing), Natalia De Marco (Designer) and Telma Correa (CEO).
Camila Tavares, QA Leader at Laborit, at Lab's glass house

We are human-first and we take care of every Labers needs.

It is our priority to ensure that Labers always feel supported and in balance with their health, growth and socio-emotional well-being.

Our benefits package is beyond convenience, we really want you to feel good and live your best life with us.

Be part of the change and revolutionize with Lab.

We are looking for people to build the future, break down barriers and grow together. Check out our open positions and work with us from anywhere in the world.

You will be welcomed by a community ready to help, you can work remotely or in person in our spaces at WeWork in several countries.

Welcome to Laborit, or simply Lab, as we like to call it here.

Find the perfect spot job for you.

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    We are breaking barriers, improving the world and shaping the future.

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