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We build new products and help companies and people to grow.

The Laborit uses technology to build relevant products, improve people's lives and accelerate the development of organizations.

By applying data science to the customer experience, we design engaging digital products used by thousands of people. Guided by metrics, we solve complex problems from product and technology conception to development, go-to-market and management.

We work with incredible people, immersed in a culture of innovation, diversity and startups, with the agility to generate exponential growth in our clients and products in our ecosystem.

Breaking barriers and revolutionizing.

Find out how we can help reinvent your organization, launch relevant products and improve people's lives.

The Lab makes products for
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Pillars that guide us.

Product mindset and fast go to market.

To build products that people love, you need to understand the real needs and issues of each journey. Delivering the MVP right and on time that meets the expectations of our users is part of the essence of our work and method.

Zen Coding culture and trusted engineering

We believe that studying and applying computational concepts is essential to ensure that our technology is, in fact, reliable and that our standards and tests are aligned. Zen Coding is a guide on how to responsibly develop software and envolve your knowledge at Lab.

Startup spirit and data science

We encourage an open environment where we can test hypotheses, build better products, and spark collective genius. For us, innovation means data science, metrics, agility and solving our customers and users real problems.

Privacy and digital ethics

From our point of view, people's data is non-negotiable and this is part of our hacktivism. We work hard to ensure the information security and privacy of our products and technologies, in addition to making our team and organizations aware of the importance of data.

Positive experience and functional design

We are passionate about design. We simplify the complexity behind services, journeys and processes in pursuit of creating products that solve problems and create memorable experiences for people.

Success histories.

Data from our operations.

We love to analyze data and here are some that make us proud and motivate us to continue the work, empower initiatives and improve people's lives with relevant products.


It is the return on every $1 invested in Product & User Experience, according to research by Forrester.



We speed up the number of products delivered per year to our customer`s conveyors by 4x.


Our average NPS collected monthly with our customers and partners.

90 days

Average go-to-market time for the development of projects and products at Laborit.

Our products.

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