Laborit exists to improve people's lives and reinvent the world.

Laborit's mission is to create products and technologies that make people's lives easier, solve problems and reinvent the way we live. Our initiatives simplify everyday life and contribute to the exponential growth of organizations in a sustainable way and with a keen eye for innovation. We are constantly iterating, solving problems and working together to make a positive impact on the world. We are centered on the human being and on technologies that, in addition to innovating, strengthen social inclusion, diversity and sustainability of the planet and new businesses. We see that in the age of data, understanding everyone's perspective helps us make better decisions, build more relevant products, anticipate trends and accelerate companies. We are together to reinvent!

Nossas iniciativas simplificam o dia a dia e contribuem para o crescimento exponencial das organizações de forma sustentável e com um olhar atento para inovação.

The best part of our journey is using technology to help.

Learn a little more about our history and journey. We are simplifying the world through technology and focusing on people's real needs.

Principles that unite us.

Our principles are an essential part of our culture, it holds us together and we work together to uphold those values.

Always Together and Remote

We are together to grow and contribute from each part to the whole. It is a collective effort to care for others, practice empathy and innovate from the heart. We believe that with remote work we will always have a more sustainable way of life.

Simplicity and Job Well Done

We have a keen eye for detail to ensure simplicity. We believe that a job well done depends on people's involvement and focus to create something unique and truly simple. We work hard and courageously to achieve simplicity in everything we do.

Enriching Diversity

We know the urgency of building a society with equity, gender diversity and a watchful eye for inclusion. We value and invest in people with different interests, backgrounds and cultures. At Lab, diversity strengthens our culture.

Always Learn and Grow

We all realize how fast the world changes and how quickly we must adapt. That's why we believe that continuous development is essential with room to make mistakes, learn and apply quickly.

People Focused

We are focused on people. We put Labers, our customers and partners at the center of our conversations. We believe that to practice humanity is to be light, to go straight to the point, but without losing friendship. We always put ourselves in each other's shoes.

Entrepreneurship and Optimism

We like to overcome barriers, dream big and build a better future, we want to get there fast, always with a positive attitude. We seek new paths and accept that making mistakes is part of the solution.

Lab's culture is
a positive impact

Sucess histories.

We are experts in technology, data, behavior, product and innovation. We work daily to support companies, professionals and new ideas to grow exponentially. We are proud to contribute to newly founded startups and some of the biggest companies in the world.

Build with our team.

More than a job, we build the future with purpose. We generate a positive impact by helping our team overcome daily challenges on and off the job. Get access to our community of people ready to help, exchange knowledge and solve some of the most relevant problems of our generation.

Build with our team.


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