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Our platform and services for integrating of ETL, Analytics and Data.

At Lab we develop and integrate data models, analytics and AI into a single platform and service. Increase the efficiency of your organization and product while our tool manages and extends the intelligence of your data strategy.

In partnership with AWS, Azure, Snowflake, GCP and Databricks, we design and implement customized and scalable data platforms that support data ingestion, observability, processing and seamless integration with our lakehouse.

We know that efficient data models depend on accurate mapping and the use of mapping and the use of layers that allow data to be processed before establishing a new structure and governance. Our team and ETL with AI work together to ensure the success of this mapping and subsequent integration with your data environment, allowing your organization to generate value and valuable indicators quickly.

Our approach to reducing fragmented journeys and building relevant data environments also involves building predictive models, analysis and machine learning algorithms to reveal patterns and identify hypotheses in the data and problems we are going to solve.

We create intelligence based on data.

Find out how we can help your company with a data strategy that integrates applications, journeys and data in a single place.

The Lab uses data to
generate insights

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Unified data for more effective decisions.

A data strategy and modeling is crucial for effective data governance. Improve your technology by centralizing and analyzing your company's existing data with our models.


By 2028, 20% of organizations will use a single platform for data governance.


By 2028, 30% of new applications will use AI & Data Analytics to create personalized journeys.

10 millions

Query metrics mapped and monitored in our Data HUB to ensure data resilience and observability.

12 billions

Of data transacted by our API & ETL Manager over the last 5 years, offering a solid and reliable base for our clients.

Success histories.

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