We create an inclusive global community that dreams big and grows together.

When we look inside, we see people's real needs and the potential they have to change the world.

More than a job - we create a community that dreams big and develops people capable of shaping the future. At Lab, the diversity of ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation are part of our construction and response to a more just and inclusive society.

We know that, to continue with our mission of creating products and technologies that improve people's lives, we need to support each other, inside and outside the Lab. Lab communities are groups formed by Labers and volunteers that promote from courses, debates, hackathons, technology and innovation conferences - to social actions, trips and multicultural events.

No matter where you are from and whether you work with us or not, our groups are spread across the world to share learning, inspire, welcome and generate positive impact.

Na Lab a pluralidade de etnias, ideias, gênero e crenças enriquece e você pode fazer a diferença.

What is to live in a community for Lab.

Join a community where diversity and collaboration allow us to solve some of the most important problems of our time. Lab believes we can change the world by supporting each other.

Our manifest is


What we've built together so far.

Our community is made up of Labers and volunteers around the world, fans, friends and technology lovers. We create new bonds every day and we want you to live your best life.


People have already gone through our community groups and mentorships.


Talks promoting themes of diversity and inclusion, gender equality, LGBTQ+, parenting, technology, startup and innovation over five years.


Our main ESG action seeks to provide access and train minds that shape the future. The araucariasocial.io platform was born from the desire of members of the Lab community as a response to some of the most important challenges of our time.

We change the world from each part to the whole.

Lab communities are groups led by volunteers and Labers to promote learning spaces, social, emotional and technical support in addition to empowering people.

We seek to be better together.

At Lab, we believe that reinventing the world depends on connecting people and purposes, democratization of technology, human development, opportunities and never stop dreaming. Join our community!

Labers gathered during Lab Summit 2021
Customers applaud Círculo Lab ceremonies
Luis Eduardo, backend engineer at Laborit, working on the outside of our glass house.
Labers celebrate Carnival in a party organized by Laborit
At Lab, women stand out in all areas. From left to right: Rhaysa Ferreira (Growth Marketing), Natalia De Marco (Designer) and Marcela Machado (Product Manager).
At Laborit, we work hard, but we also have fun,

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