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Circle, our method for thinking about new futures and reduce years of innovation.

The Lab uses technology and the Circle, our method for accelerating the future, to solve complex problems, unleash human potential and generate real change in society. Our circles and hackathons are unique experiences capable of reduce years of innovation into five days of hard work and tangible results, ultimately delivering a real product.

For almost a decade, we have worked alongside startups and some of the world's largest organizations to build new futures and transform business models.

Our approach - based on science, research, design, data and product mentality - allows us to move between the present and the future, identifying ways to overcome the constraints imposed by each problem.

More than an immersion, the Circle is an exercise in human collectivity to achieve the best result. Our challenge is to create connections capable of transforming relationships, transforming discoveries into practical actions, oriented towards the strategic business vision of the next decade.

The end result of the Circle is presented with prototypes and visions of strategy, roadmaps and designs for new experiences and products, which give people back the potential they have to generate real impact in organizations and to change the world.

the potential they have to generate real impact in organizations and to change the world.

Identifying the correct problem to solve.

Effective Circles involve clarity about the problem we want to solve. After finding the problem, we can finally define the Circle's mission. Our innovation journey is made up of three phases.

The Circle is

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Our innovation numbers and results.

Companies that prioritize innovation and make sure they are ready to act increase the gap with their competitors.


Leaders validated that the Circle helped accelerate their innovation projects and increased the growth of business indicators


Of the companies that participated in a Circle with us, they chose to continue with the Lab for product development after the Circle.


This is the average NPS of Circle participants when asked about the results and satisfaction with the immersion.


Circles have been held for startups and leading companies in their sectors over the last decade.

Success histories.

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