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Build Generative AI models with precision, combining our data training platform and human feedback.

Generative AI sets a new milestone in the revolution of how we face the worlds challenges and reinvent the ways we solve problems and interact. From from science to business and society, the positive impact of Generative AI is to unleash the human potential to imagine and reach even further.

Large-scale language models (LLM) and supercomputing take us towards more semantic and natural conversations, allowing applications and machines to understand contexts, intentions and solve problems independently.

Predictive models, trained on large amounts of data, now have the ability to reliably learn and detect patterns, all without being specifically programmed to perform these tasks.

If you are looking to develop or implement AI models in your organization, one of the biggest challenges will be training the AI and adjusting the data to achieve a significant level of accuracy, automation and efficiency.

Faced with this challenge, the Lab has developed a data integration, training and RLHF platform that speeds up this stage and allows you to scale the development of AI applications.

Our GenIA Engine combines automation and human intelligence to quickly generate training data tailored to your goals and needs. We are working with some of the worlds most advanced Generative AI models such as OpenAI, Bedrock, Antrophic, Titan and Lhama to build the next generation of products and architectures that can improve peoples lives and help organizations.

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Understand how we can launch products using Artificial Intelligence that are truly relevant to peoples lives.

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From ChatGPT, autonomous electric vehicles to Generative Artificial Intelligence, explore the full potential of AI in your company. Our team of data and AI scientists, platform and entire infrastructure are ready to help.

$1.3 Trillion

Generative AI will become a $1.3 trillion market by 2032.

3 Billions

Of tokens and parameters trained in our LLM model.


The accuracy of our LLM model and the provision of correct answers.


Integration of our Gen AI Data HUB with the world's leading LLMs.

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