ZenCode's impact on Laborit's software culture and engineering

ZenCode's impact on Laborit's software culture and engineering

Get to know the framework developed by Lab.

ZenCode's impact on Laborit's software culture and engineering

ZenCode is a framework developed by Lab designed to facilitate the day to day of our engineers. Ensuring software development standards is as important as looking after the health and well-being of each Laber. Learn a little more about our methodology and approach.

At Lab we work to make people's lives better. This look is in everything we do. When building more reliable products and software, we are concerned with ensuring that the development process follows well-defined engineering standards, with testing and extensive documentation, data security, review controls and source code analysis. .

These processes and other tools that make up Lab's ZenCode framework allow us to create a more engaged, healthy and productive development environment, in addition to promoting the technical and human evolution of each Laber.

We know that to build technologies like Silicon Valley - we have to learn fast, solve our users' pains and make better decisions based on data. Well-written code depends on a solid foundation, empathy, and a firm commitment by everyone to every detail of the product.

For our Software Engineer - Luis Lohmann, the way Lab puts its greater focus on human development without leaving aside the efficiency and quality of the products, has been a positive differential:

“Believe it or not, but to get into the engineering area of ​​the Lab, you don't have to be "the best programmer", just as you don't have to be one of those guys who breathes code and drinks a dose of Java in the coffee shop. I'm not that guy and honestly I think the technology is beyond that.”

- Luis Lohmann - Software Engineer

Of course, great knowledge adds a lot, but I believe there are more important things than that. After almost 3 months in this team, I noticed that the Lab engineers are concerned people, who work thinking both about those who will use the solutions, as well as the colleagues who are part of the team and who may, in the future, help to think of new ways and solve challenges.

Here people are curious, and are always looking for simpler and more modern ways to solve problems. They are selfless and empathetic, always putting themselves in others' shoes and ready to help. So the tip for anyone who wants to be part of the Lab team one day is: study, but mainly, seek purpose in what you do, that your goal is not just “to be a great programmer”, but to help others and be great people. ".

At Laborit we believe in the potential of people. We foster an ecosystem with more diversity that welcomes points of view, promotes dialogue and contributes to human development. We connect people and purpose to create products and technologies that reinvent the world.

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