Laborit will participate in Techcrunch Disrupt

Laborit will participate in Techcrunch Disrupt

Startup is one of Brazil's representatives at a global technology event

Laborit will participate in Techcrunch Disrupt

Laborit, investor in initiatives such as Techpost, Workspace, Singularity and Behavior, in addition to being responsible for the products development for leading companies in their sectors, was at the last edition of Techcrunch Disrupt this year and took advantage of the space to present a product to the market for Onmichannel, which arrives with the mission of reinventing retail and the customer experience.

The Techcrunch Disrupt stage always brings the brightest and most revolutionary minds in the business - the event's stage has already had names as Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and many others even before becoming stars of some of the most important startups in the world - Disrupt is a great opportunity for founders to bring more visibility and investment opportunity to their businesses, products and startups.


In the words of our CEO and Lab Founder, Telma Corrêa:


"The experience of taking Laborit to TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 is incredible and we are grateful for this further step in our journey. Several countries together with us from Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Korea and the United States itself, land of Disrupt, should converge on Startup Alley. We want to take advantage of this plural opportunity and listen to feedback, get to know other points of view that can help us validate our product and business model.

Laborit will participate in Techcrunch Disrupt

“It will be a unique opportunity to present our omnichannel platform to the world's leading technology, startup and innovation stage - and we are happy to be able to contribute a different look at the future of retail and customer experience."

- Telma Corrêa, CEO and Lab Founder

Alongside our CPO, Arthur Piccolo, we were able to participate in two editions of Disrupt in the audience, and will be the first time that we will exhibit our startup there. We know that Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial environment gives us the opportunity to expand our perspectives, test concepts and maybe come out with a new investment partner.

For those who are passionate about innovation, learning more and changing the world (like us here at Lab), Disrupt is the definitive experience that can provide a brief look at current trends and innovations, as well as inspire people who want to take your ideas off paper."

A minds event capable of shaping the future.


Come with Lab

Laborit, in addition to being present at Startup Alley within Disrupt, will provide full coverage of the event through Techpost. We will bring you all the details of the launch of the new Lab product and the main trends of the largest startup convention in the world. Stay tuned!

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