Laborit carries out social action with children in São Paulo

Laborit carries out social action with children in São Paulo

Action is part of Lab's initiative to support social projects.

Laborit carries out social action with children in São Paulo

At the pre-Summit Lab 2021, Labers welcomed 35 children from the Rugby To All project in São Paulo, for a day of fun, games, gifts, food and, of course, a little bit of innovation!

This was the first of several actions taken by Laborit in partnership with the Rugby for All Institute, which uses sport as a means to enable the development of young people, from their preparation for the citizenship exercise to their qualifications for the job market.

Even on the bus, the excitement was great and "uncle" Caio Batista, technology leader at Laborit, who accompanied them along with those responsible for the project, barely had time to answer a question, which was already another: "uncle, will there be a toy ?", "but I still don't understand, what do you do?" "Uncle, nice that you work with technology, one day I want to be a programmer!", they asked anxiously.

Upon arriving at the place, many surprises, the children were welcomed by all Labers, gathered in São Paulo for the 2021 Summit, scheduled for the next day. Presentations made, it was time to get to know the surprises prepared especially for them: pogo sticks, foosball, arcade, karaoke and various dynamics entertained the kids!

And if you've been with us longer, you already know that in a Lab space, there's no shortage of food! A special menu with various delicacies such as hamburgers, fries, ice cream and sweets were offered to the children, before the main meal, feijoada.

Laborit carries out social action with children in São Paulo

The integration between the children and the Labers was instantaneous and in a short time it was impossible to say who was having more fun:

"Spending the day with the children was incredible. We understood the reality of each of them and managed to provide a wonderful day with games and interactions. Seeing the smile on each of them was indescribable and in my opinion that is priceless."

Rhaysa Ferreira, Growth Marketing at Laborit, wanted to leave a message for people: "I really wanted to leave a message for those who have never been a volunteer: no matter what action you volunteer for, in the end, the biggest beneficiary will be yourself." And she added: "I hope that Laborit will continue, more and more, to support projects like this and encourage volunteering."

To finish the day, Arthur Piccolli, co-founder and product director of Laborit, gave a lecture talking about innovation, dreams and achievements, telling them that everyone there, if they wanted to, could be part of Araucária, a new Lab product, which although it deviates a little from the brand's roadmap, it reinforces its principles and purpose by investing in education, technology and a social space for those who need it most, as an opportunity and incentive for everyone to develop at their best.

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