Who's Afraid of Home Office?

Who's Afraid of Home Office?

Laborit is "remote by birth" and one of the pioneers of remote work in Brazil.

Who's Afraid of Home Office?

Who is afraid of remote work? The answer is simple: millions of companies around the world that have not yet adapted to this mode of work. Here, we view this as a certain waste of quality of life, work, and outcomes, but we are not indifferent to the concerns faced by employees and businesses.

The reasons for such apprehensions vary widely and encompass potential lack of employee commitment, drops in productivity, loss of control on the part of management, communication difficulties, and resistance to change. A survey by Robert Half revealed that 94% of companies approved of remote work during the pandemic, yet 75% do not intend to sustain it.

For Laborit, when the pandemic arrived, remote work was not a novelty; after all, our history was born in a remote setting back in 2016. The way we work was a conscious and strategic choice. However, this doesn't mean that it was easy.

As always, we approached this challenge armed with ample data and an immense desire to make a difference. Finding the best methodologies and tools that would allow us to offer the benefits of remote work to our Labers without sacrificing good performance and quality work was difficult, yet entirely feasible and rewarding. Throughout these seven years, we have been building a strong, collaborative, transparent organizational culture that brings us closer together, even when physically distant.

A fan of deep and horizontal dialogue, Laborit always seeks to embrace and value the individuality of each Laber, client, or member of our community. Diversity stands as one of our main pillars, and being able to count on people from various parts of Brazil and the world not only enriches our culture, but also influences what we create, how we innovate, and the products we develop. Moreover, it goes beyond, enabling us to put valuable purposes into practice, such as environmental care, income distribution, knowledge sharing, and the well-being of the individuals comprising our innovation ecosystem.

However, for those who cannot or do not wish to work in this format, could it be possible to find an effective middle ground? The answer might lie in the hybrid work system, where individuals work from home for some days of the week and work in-person on others, thus addressing the new demands of the job market brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, we will remain faithful to remote work, yet embracing every opportunity to gather Labers in in-person activities around the world!

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