How was Techpost's GoLive, Laborit's first product

How was Techpost's GoLive, Laborit's first product

News portal supported by Laborit is launched in São Paulo.

How was Techpost's GoLive, Laborit's first product

As part of its expansion strategy, Laborit launched, in São Paulo, the first brand product, Techpost, which will work as the news channel of the technology world, startup and innovation from Lab. 

With a very social focus, Laborit hopes to be able to make it easier to access quality content on technology, as well as simplify knowledge about the topic, which, despite being so everyday, still scares some people.


˜We want to bring the future closer and give meaning to our actions, technology changes and the way we live and through our product we want to offer relevant content, developed by people who work in the area, concerned with generating something that can improve the people's lives and share knowledge.


We know that we still have a long way to go to simplify technology knowledge and make everything more accessible. We are committed to this journey, under a technical and at the same time relaxed look for technology lovers, interested people and organizations that seek to reinvent themselves. Techpost is an invitation to rethink tomorrow and the role of technology and data in people's lives", says part of Techpost's press release.


The Portal has five main categories: startup, engineering, product, management / business, and culture / career, but promises not to leave out issues related to society and "humanities", as Rhaysa Ferreira, Laborit's Growth Marketing, tells us:

"Techpost is the first of a series of products that we intend to launch in the coming months and we want it to have the essence of the Lab, that is, to offer high quality content about product, innovation, management and engineering, but also to talk about "humanities" and debate in a deep and active way the challenges we face as a society".


As well as its logo, in gray and green, the design of the portal followed a minimalist line, one of those responsible for the project, designer Natália De Marco, tells how the product creation process was:


"Lab always seeks to design minimalist products."


The launch featured a lecture, given by Arthur Piccolo, Labs Co-founder and Product Director, about one of the problems of the century: how to trust information - revealing that this was one of the main reasons for creating a portal aimed at the technology:


"Techpost is an invitation to rethink tomorrow and the role of technology and data in people's lives" commented Arthur.


He added: "In the age of data, more information - does not mean more knowledge. Content is born in seconds and replicated (sometimes by robots) without the slightest criterion of reliability, enhancing an environment in which there seems to be no established authority, making fake news an ever-growing, dangerous phenomenon and one of the most relevant problems of our time."


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